After buying your property, or if you are looking for property management, we can take care of you with our complete personalised service.

We undertake a service to relieve you of all the troubles you may have, whether they be big or small. taking care of your property in your absence. We can offer you a complete housekeeping service, maids, laundry, swimming-pool and gardening services, and we have electricians plumbers and builders on hand.

Our management team can, with the help of our contacts, keep you up to date with all the paperwork involved in running your property, local taxes, rates etc.

We can provide introductions to specialists who speak your language. You decide how you want us to help you and we will find a happy solution. Not just today but 365 days of the year 24 hrs a day.

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Tel: (+34) 971 674 384
Mobile: (+34) 670 555 855

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